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Silly tweak idea...

Grim Squeaker

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I tried this once in BG1 and couldn't get it to work properly. IIRC I was using BG1 though, the BG2 engine might allow it. We know how to dehardcode Boo now, so we could change things more--we would lose the benefits of hardcodeness at the same time though.

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I couldn't get any effect added to Boo to work at all--if someone else can or has then this is irrelevent. Removing hardcodedness would remove the hardcoded string--that's the hardcoded benefit--but new effects could be added. Um, IIRC we can change the hardcodedness so Boo is in (or can be moved to) Minsc's main inventory instead of the quickbar.

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Avenger has been on the case.


igi, i've made my boo item too :O

It didn't show up until i

1. reequipped it (made it a different filename and movable)

2. kept the original file, but edited the .gam file with dltcep


The new dltcep isn't yet available.

I wonder how minsc worked for you, if it is already in the .gam structure, it won't work.



The fact that boo is in the quickslot, but without an extension header made the quickslot disabled in the save game.

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