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Editing Existing Areas


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....and not completely sure how to do it.


Haven’t been able to find much in the way of tutorials and whatnot either, but I’ve heard enough of the Pain of Editing Existing Areas often enough to ask for advice before inflicting any area editing misery onto myself... only to have to ask for help anyways.


What I want to accomplish is to add another ‘Point of interest’ within AR1400.are, that will only become active once certain conditions are met. Very similar to how AltarMaz is currently set up in that area.


Is there a way of getting, for example, an... AltarMaz2 into AR1400 through just plain coding, or do you have to ‘forcibly’ copy the .are, paste the duplicate with a slight change in the override, and hope others wont notice? ;p


Either way, I’m not exactly sure what kind of coding is involved in order to stick in a new ‘Point of interest’. I would greatly appreciate any help in figuring this out. Or hell, just directing me to a tutorial of this nature if it already exists. :O

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It's definitely doable, but it takes a lot of READ/WRITE knowledge. I believe Grim did exactly this for a mod in progress--I'll let him post code if he has it. If not, I can bodge some together. (This is one of the few ways we haven't modified areas in the Fixpack, so I can't pull sample code from there. :O )

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