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Morale in PST


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Morale resets in PST every eight hours. For every character but Dakkon this is no big deal. However, If you treat him well Dakkon will still, in the end, have the Chained Blade. Onto my question. Before I go banging my head against the wall, does anyone know a way to stop morale for dropping over time? (Or slow it down enough that you have the same effect for all intents and purposes?)

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The only way to finish out with the Streamng blade is to teach him the final circle of Zerthimon right before he hits level 10 as a fighter. It raises his morale to 20. It's impossible to get the streaming blade and have him keep it any other way since his morale automatically resets to 10 after 8 hours of game time. Getting the Kinstealer requires some doing as well, but it's pretty easy to find ways to abuse Dakkon. There really isn't any good reason to have Dakkon's morale constantly reset like this. It means you can treat him like a slave the entire game and still have him end up with the streaming blade at the end by teaching him the eighth circle of Zerthimon.

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I don't remember seeing his blade going down...


Btw, in other games morale is different from happiness (which is tied to reputation).


Morale is merely about wimpiness.


In other games morale resets to 10 but reputation/happiness doesn't.


Please clarify what you talk about, morale or reputation.

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Heh. I didn't either, until I read a walkthrough from sorcerer's place a year or so back. Essentially, If Dakkon's Morale is 15 or higher when he levels up at one of the levels his blade changes he'll get the Streaming Blade, rather than the chained blade. It doesn't do as much damage or give as much to the AC, but it doubles his level 1 and 2 spells at (fighter) level 10. If his morale is 5 or lower, he gets the Kinstealer, which hits harder and gives him less magical boosts than the chained blade. So.....do you think it's possible to tweak the way morale works in PST or am I going to be wasting my time on this one? I'm willing to wager that it isn't possible because apparently noone has tried it and guys like Platter and Rastor have known about this forever. Then again, they might have just been busy having lives or something.... (Of course, I could probably come up with a script that works seperately from Dakkon's Morale to fix this, but then I'd need to learn scripting.)

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Very weird. I wonder if it's some sort of oversight. It doesn't make a great deal of sense to me that the development of Dakkon's blade should be influenced by how brave he's feeling right at the moment. From the names of the blades, one would assume it's more about how he percieves the Nameless One.

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Yeah. But Dakkon's Morale shifts based on how TNO treats him. If you are happy to find out he's your slave, his morale goes down, it goes up if you vow to find away to free him, even though it isn't obvious from what he says. The problem is that while you can lower Dakkon's morale any time you want to by being abusive, only the first time you vow to find a way to free him will raise morale. Teaching him the last cirle of Zerthimon maxes his morale out, too, but only temporarily. I think this is an oversight. I'm thinking the only way to fix this is to add some triggers to your dialoge with Dakkon which set a seperately maintained value. The weapon Dakkon would be based off of that. Is this possible?

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@Avenger: I'm probably using the wrong term. I got my info from some posts I dug up from Rastor and Platter, who actually stated that Dakkon's blade is tied to his morale level. Maybe they meant reputation, but I didn't think PST really tracked reputation.....just alignment.

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Actually it is morale, but morale was supposed to reset in all engine :O

I just found a MoraleSet(0) in Dakkon after insulting a gith.

I guess this is to make Dakkon fight giths with the least efficiency.


I think the reasoning is that if Dakkon is brave (and willing to fight) his blade is stronger.


Btw, i think it is lame that he gets the new weapon only at level up.

His weapon should reflect his 'morale' all the time.


Also, if morale wouldn't reset, you could still treat Dakkon like a slave, at the end you will still end up with the streaming blade because there is a MoraleSet(20).

The easiest way to fix this:

1. keep an own variable and don't set it to 20 outright.

2. set Dakkon's morale after each rest to 0,10,20 based on this variable.

3. use TransformItem after each rest based on Dakkon's level? and this variable.

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