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new area trigger bit


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The bit which was called "override?" in dltcep based on vague descriptions is now fully tested.


It is used in SoA and ToB.

The original SoA seems to use this bit only for area triggers, it set up an alternate point to walk to instead of the default point.


It is possible to use this alternate point for info triggers too, in this case the WalkedToTrigger trigger is useful. This latter functionality may be existing only in ToB.


The alternate point is stored on two shorts right after the script resref field.

Check out this example from ar4500 (pocket plane)

The info flag is set to 0x400, and the use point fields are filled after the script resref.


04c4h Region #3

04c4h Label LeavePocketPlane

04e4h Type 0001

04e6h Left 0786

04e8h Top 0318

04eah Right 080a

04ech Bottom 040c

04eeh Vertex count 0005

04f0h Vertex index 00000024

04f4h UNKNOWN 00000000

04f8h Cursor type 00000022

04fch Dest. area

0504h Dest. entran

0524h Info flags 00000400

0528h Strref ffffffff

052ch Trap detecti 0000

052eh Trap removal 0000

0530h Trapped 0001

0532h Detected 0000

0534h Launch point [07c9.045c]

0538h Key

0540h Script ITPPLANE

0548h Use point [07c9.03df]

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