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I have made a one-hour NPC called Biddekelorak....


he's a dwarf.

he's a single-classed priest of lathander.

he, quite frankly, exists simply because I am sick of viconia and anomen.


I'm hoping that someone would do me a big favor and voice the following lines....


  SAY INITIAL_MEETING ~Yer name, <CHARNAME>, has already reached me ears. I be called Biddekelorak, and the road be calling to me!~
 SAY MORALE  ~Lathander, forgive me weakness!~
 SAY HAPPY   ~Our deeds be good and pleasing.~
 SAY UNHAPPY_ANNOYED  ~Amend yer ways.~
 SAY UNHAPPY_SERIOUS  ~Have a care! Yer falling into shadow.~
 SAY UNHAPPY_BREAKING  ~Darkness has taken ye!~
 SAY LEADER  ~As busy as a smith in spring!~
 SAY TIRED  ~Can't burn the candle at both ends.~
 SAY BORED  ~Here we shine our light under a bushel.~
 SAY BATTLE_CRY1  ~Yaaaah!~
 SAY BATTLE_CRY2  ~Glorious light!~
 SAY BATTLE_CRY3  ~The battle be joined!~
 SAY BATTLE_CRY4  ~Blood will flow!~
 SAY BATTLE_CRY5  ~The dawn breaks!~
 SAY DAMAGE  ~*Uhh*~
 SAY DYING  ~Over me dead body!~
 SAY HURT  ~I near Lathander's brilliant threshold.~
 SAY AREA_FOREST  ~Never have to worry about the weather in a dwarven city.~
 SAY AREA_CITY  ~'Tis strange--no roof o' stone over me head.~
 SAY AREA_DUNGEON  ~The shadows hide much evil here. Lathander, shine forth!~
 SAY AREA_DAY  ~There be now light enough to see by.~
 SAY AREA_NIGHT  ~Would that it were day!~
 SAY SELECT_COMMON1  ~I be here.~
 SAY SELECT_COMMON3  ~Be there something ye need?~
 SAY SELECT_COMMON4  ~Armed with his holy brilliance.~
 SAY SELECT_COMMON5  ~I be here to serve.~
 SAY SELECT_COMMON6  ~I wait upon Lathander's pleasure.~
 SAY SELECT_ACTION2  ~We be hard as stone.~
 SAY SELECT_ACTION3  ~If it be his will.~
 SAY SELECT_ACTION4  ~Worry not.~
 SAY SELECT_ACTION5  ~I be skilled at that.~
 SAY SELECT_ACTION6  ~Old I be, yet old age has its value and duty.~
 SAY SELECT_ACTION7  ~That light may shine in darkness.~
 SAY REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL ~No longer does the dark veil of this world cloud yer eyes.~
 SAY SELECT_RARE1  ~The gods look after fools, children, and drunkards... humans usually count for two out of three.~
 SAY SELECT_RARE2  ~Don't grab an elf by the ear.~
 SAY CRITICAL_MISS  ~Clangeddin's teeth!~
 SAY TARGET_IMMUNE  ~Invulnerable!~
 SAY INVENTORY_FULL  ~Ye've overloaded me old bones.~
 SAY SPELL_DISRUPTED  ~Lathander be not so easily thwarted!~



he is an old dwarf, so the voice should be appropriately gruff and gravely.


if someone does it, please send the .ogg files zipped up to my email--gilalion @ gmail.com

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