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IWD2 and SetTeamBit()

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Does anyone know what the SetTeamBit() scripting function actually does?


I've been studying the scripts in the Targos Docks area and so far I've figured out this much:


There is a set of Area Global variables TEAM_0, TEAM_1, ... which are assigned to "groups" of actors via scripts (check over here for more details). The variables are 0 unless a member of a "team" spots an enemy, and then all members of that team will gravitate over to the enemy and attack. This is actually pretty nice (no more fog-o-war exploitings :O).


In the case of the NPC actors, setting the TEAM_# variables causes members of that team to go hostile. It looks as though (in this area at least) TEAM_0 is reserved for the general "neutral" population. If it's set to 1, then the general global TARGOS_HOSTILE is set (it's pretty clear what that does).


There are two instances in this area where 2 groups of NPC's have there own team in addition to TEAM_0, the guys on the boat are in TEAM_1, and the two guys you meet after that are in TEAM_2.


While the TEAM_# variables are only set when seeing the enemy, being attacked, catching a pickpocketer, etc, each member of a team runs this block (always):




This is generally done through a script 00T0#T.BCS which appears in the "Specific script" section (according to NI).


The one notable exception is that TEAM_0_BIT is never set (perhaps it's on by default?).


So I'm really wondering how the engine handles the team "bit". I suspect the call modifies the Actor record some how. Perhaps in some areas there are scripts that check for specific team members?


I'll try to run a test or two. I could check to see what happens if an NPC set the team bit for one of the monster groups.

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