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Can't Use Itemtype


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#181 (0xb5) Item: Can't Use Itemtype [181]

    Parameter #1: String Reference

    Parameter #2: Type


    The targeted creature(s) cannot use the item type specified

    by the 'Type' field. The strref specified by the 'String

    Reference' field is displayed when at attempt to use such

    an item is made.




Has anyone figured out how to properly use this effect? I tested this effect using the hex value for "Large Sword" in the type field, and again using the hex value for "ProficiencyLongSword". Neither the category nor the proficiency type seems to actually restrict the weapon from being used. This effect would greatly enhance flexibility in regards to kit design if we could get it working...


a Wounded Lion

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The UNTESTED mark under it means that no one ever made this function work the slightest in the advertised way.

Nevertheless, the description is there, because that was what we perceived as the engine's creators intent or plan for this opcode.

The source of (mis)information is the effects.src file for iwd2.

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