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suggestions for reforming party?


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I'm in chapter 5 (still have nearly all of BG city quests before me) and decided to reform the party. I'm looking for some fun interactions between characters. I'd appreciate sugestions about who might be fun to combine. :O


The current party:


LN half-elven cleric-mage (Cleric 7/ Mage 6)

Imoen (Thief 4/ Mage 8)

Garrick (Bard 8)

Minsc (Ranger 6)


I'm wondering what the interaction between Ajantis and Coran would be like. I expect Ajantis won't like Coran much. Might be fun to see how that goes.


By the same token, I'd like a little more healing in the party so I was thinking of adding Branwen and Coran.


I don't really like Coran much as a character, btw, but I'm thinking he'll sort of stir things up in a mostly good aligned party.


FYI, NPCs I've already added and dropped: Jaheira and Khalid, Xzar and Montaron, Eldoth (gone for good, rep was too high when I removed him), Kagain, Shar-Teel, Kivan, and Yeslick.


Anyway, suggestions will be appreciated. Tnx :D

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Coran vs Ajantis is the best and incredibly elaborate if you are romancing both with a female PC, though they would bicker even if they aren't. But I would advise to leave it till then if you ever plan to romance them. The challeneges alone are well worth it.


All three characters you mentioned have a goodly amount of content, so it just depends on what personality you prefer. Branwen (I am assuming that you play a male) will romance your character and it is actually an unusual and fresh relationship.


If you don't like Coran all that much, don't torture yourself with him - he will frustrate a person who is not well-disposed to listening to his japes and tales about women. Ajantis is not that great of an archer, so if it is the archer who is not Coarn, you might want to try Safana, though she has less content than many other NPCs.


If you are interested in another cleric, I can't help but try to plug in Faldorn; in BG you will find two more clerical characters: Tiax is exceptionally funny (the world domination is surprizing inexhaustable source of jokes), and Quayle is great - look out for that special banter between him and Imoen in the Candlekeep library. :O

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Thanks for that very helpful feedback. :O


I just tried the three different combinations of Branwen, Ajantis, and Coran for the final two slots. I decided in the balance I liked Branwen and Ajantis the best overall. Doesn't seem likely that there will be any tensions within the party that way. But it might be more satisfying to listen to interactions between characters who all get along fairly well.


I don't have an archer, and I could replace Garrick to remedy that. But I find that with the Banter Pack I like having Garrick in the party. Whooda thunk it. He's got a sense of wonder about the adventure, etc. A bit of naivete. I like how he was written. And I'm really appreciating his ability to identify virtually every item in the game.


I have Imoen hurling the returning throwing dagger (equipped with Kiel's buckler) when she's not casting spells. Imoen can use the short bow if I ever really need to use arrows (particularly an arrow of dispelling). And Garrick can use the crossbow and hurl darts of wounding and stunning when he's not singing his bard song or spellcasting. Branwen can hurl sling stones if needed. So I do have some decent ranged weapons capability for when that's called for.

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Have fun. If you really want tensions, you can always try to chose some nasty options in the dialogues with the nj NPCs, and argue with Ajantis. There are fairily numerous possibilities to do that :O

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