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Extension of Trigger Heard() - BG2:ToB


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KingDiamond and I over at SHS figured out while working on a BGT-WeiDU bug that when "Raiken" did Enemy() Shout(1), then the bandits would only Enemy() if a Heard([ANYONE],1) trigger was in the script block, but Heard("Raiken",1) would never fire.


I then tested with "Raiken", ChangeEnemyAlly(Myself,<absolutely every entry in EA.IDS>) Shout(1), and found that only ChangeEnemyAlly(Myself,NEUTRAL) would produce the desired result, where the bandits will trigger Heard("Raiken",1) properly.


For the bugfix, I simply had to change the action of "Raiken" to Shout(1) Enemy().

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