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eSeries v1.4


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New version of eSeries is up.




Version 1.4
-Removed Simulacrum AI Change while I work on a better method for assigning scripts to clones
-Removed Breach Shield Check because it used Change Specifics which could potentially break some areas of the game - Suggestion by SimDing0
-Comment out ChangeSpecifics actions in gs_AntiMage_TL4
-Switched to using PUPPETTYPE and PUPPETMASTERTYPE to determine allowance/preventation of casting clone spells
-Noted incompatability between PnP Celestials and the eSeries, if PnP Celestials is installed after the eSeries. Caedwyr has been notified and indicated that the incompatability will be removed in a future version of PnP Celestials
-Added SetWeapon Preference - HotKey F, once Melee, twice Missile, Melee designates will not switch weapons - Suggested by Hlidskialf
-Added SpIn683 WEB_TANGLE to the Scriptable Spells segment. This should prevent CTDs that some users were experiencing in conjuction with using gMinion
-Added G3's Divine Remix: Nightcloak of Shar - Confusion, Feeblemind, Invisible Stalker, Power Word Stun, Shar's Curse, Chakram - "Discs of Night"
-WeiDU v185

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