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US Congress crushes down on the flamewars!


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IRRC Under EU law my ISP stores all my web traffic for at least two years. Any information I have sent over the internet can be accessed. In the UK, CCTV cameras are prevalent almost all my movements are recorded and stored.

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The law will never be enforced. Legally, it couldn't be, unless the flaming is directly written for the government, and even then it will be annulled. Reason being: freedom of speech only applies to individuals against government representatives. For example, if you make fun of a cop to his face, he couldn't take action because you have freedom of speech and the cop is a representative of the government. If you make fun of some random guy on the street, though, he could kick your ass. Although, he could be brought up on assault charges, you can't plead that you were exercising freedom of speech.


Freedom of speech was a law enacted long before this new Bush thing, so the prior would take precedence. In other words, if you go to court after being charged with the new Bush law, then your case will be dismissed. You don't even need a lawyer to represent you, just say, "Your honor, Freedom of Speech was enacted long before President Bush's law, therefore, with all due respect, I ask for a dismissal and Mr. Bush can suck my balls. Thank you."

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