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Is Class.ids broken?


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I've been reading the various scripting tutorials and was trying to prioritize the type of undead my npcs face. But when I compile with Weidu it is choking on some of them, like Demilich though I see it in the Class.Ids file shown in IDESP.

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I'm not entirely sure how much checking Weidu does during a compilation or where it reads its ids information from. Can I suggest that you do a double-check and compile the script using NI's Script Dropzone? Don't forget to put all your ids files into the \override folder first as this gives NI access to any customised files. Secondly, ensure that NI's Ignore Overrides option is not set - that had me beating my head against a brickwall for hours once.



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Can I suggest that you do a double-check and compile the script using NI's Script Dropzone?

Unfortunately I can't use NI....I'm on dial-up and it requires a file that is extremely large so the only tool I've been using is DLTC.

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Guest Guest_Diana_*
Perhaps post a bit of the code on which it's choking... :D

Thanks. WeiDu doesn't like the lines I commented out even those these entries exist in CLASS.IDS. Naturally I had incremented the OR() when I tried to check for Zombies, Skeltons and all Liches. I also noticed that CLASS.IDS did not have an entry for mummies so I didn't check for them.








// Class(LastSeenBy(Myself),ZOMBIE)

// Class(LastSeenBy(Myself),SKELTON)




// Class(LastSeenBy(Myself),LICH)

// Class(LastSeenBy(Myself),DEMILICH)





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Note that LICH and DEMILICH do *not* exist in a default class.ids. Also, be aware that a lot of the creatures use "incorrect" class IDs, or have their class set to NO_CLASS, so the targeting isn't always going to work as you intend.

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you should check the file for typos :D

for example: SKELTON

Thanks all. Will fix my typo for SKELTON and add the others to see if they work.


I was using the CLASS.IDS info that I saw in the IESDP identifiers section which lists LICH as 150 and DEMILICH as 155

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I see the one I had looked at in the IESDP has been changed and indeed LICH and DEMILICH are not there. I took a look at what was showing in my game for RACE.IDS and found the LICH and DEMILICH entries so I just recoded the script to check race in those two instances.


Thanks everyone. It seems to be working fine now.

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