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Universal weapons for Torment


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from wictionary:




  1. (intransitive) Being The Nameless One from the game Planescape:Torment.

     I forget.

  2. (transitive) To lose remembrance of.

         I have forgotten most of the things I learned in school.


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Actually, no he isn't. He is the third incarnation mentioned by the prophet that the paranoid incarnation killed. The incarnation you play throughout PST no longer forgets when he dies. Yes, yes, I know you were making a joke, but I have no discernable sense of humor. Sorry.

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Yes, yes, I know you were making a joke, but I have no discernable sense of humor.  Sorry.


Heh. Are you immune to critical puns? :D


I agree, it'd make sense for TNO to be able to use more universal weapons. Either make clubs available for all, or free up all weapons (which would have the side effect of Annah being able to use all weapons too, which may or may not be desirable).

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Heh, didn't know that.


I don't know about some of them, though--for example, if TNO switches from Fighter to Thief, although he'd still know how to swing his big axe he might not want to, since it's not subtle. I guess I'm asking, would we want to keep some restrictions on TNO based not on his own knowledge of the weapons, but those of the class he is pursuing?


Actually, since you can only be Fighter, Mage or Thief I guess the only issue is with Thief usability.

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Ding0 tweak has a component for AoE that adds a weapon type penalty to the backstab multiplier for certain weapons. Assuming the effect is available for PST that could be a solution.


EDIT: scratch that. That affect does not appear to be available in torment. This leaves 2 choices, I guess. Don't give thieves axes or hammers or pretend it's 3e. In 3e if you sneak up and bash some dude on the head with a big hammer it's still a sneak attack. another possibility is doing it with optional components, depending on the personal taste of the installer.


You could probably use scripting or port the effect over or something, but that sounds like it would be more trouble than it's worth.

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Guest ktchong
Mages can only use knives in PST.  To me it seems kind of funny that TNO seems to forget how to use a hammer, club, punch dagger, or axe anytime he changes class over to mage.


There could be a lot of reasons why a Mage can't use hammer, club, punch dagger or axe. Casting spells might require complex hand and finger movements, so a Mage can't perform magic when he has big and clumsy weapon(s) in his hand(s). On the other hand, he can quickly tuck away a knife in his belt to free his hands and fingers for rituals.

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