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IWD1 - inst qu


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Hi Guys,


did anyone had problems with installing the first Icewind Dale 1 with the:


Windows XP Home Edition SP2



and the installer won't launch (encountered an error, needs to close)


Any ideas what causes it and ways around it?


And, if it is impossible to install IWD1 on XP, and someone has it installed, could you extract for me the bam's for a wreath (I think there was one in IWD1)?


Thank you in advance!

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Yakes, sorry for all the troubles! I did not know that. In BG, you will have 3 bams assigned to each item (starting with I - the one you see in inventory, G - ground item, and C - the one that you see when you look at the item's description (the brown one)) . I guess, there are no C###.BAM in IWD...

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