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yay!!! a new short story....dare we hope you're planning more in the same theme???


i loved your choice of caliban as roald's new name...perfect...a monster in his mind's eye, twisted and grotesque, and full of power...perfect for someone who's hidden himself away from the world...


peony was perfect...i could feel her innate self righteous certainty about her actions in seeking out someone who obviously didn't want to be found...only the very young can pull that off without being obnoxious...


interesting use of blood magic to destroy those hunters...


Great! :D

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Nope, this was a one time piece UUF.


It's been a while since I really wrote anything since I am working on Del's lovetalks (No more at a complete finished stage, but I am working on them) as well as trying to isolate music. I do hope to get back to Echoes and ISC at some point, but I want to finish Del SoA. Of course, as you are a playtester UUF, you know that I have a good portion finished.


And this Roald isn't exactly the same one from ISC, but it felt right to use the name.


I know it could have used a bit more work...ah well.

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A nice touching piece. I agree with UU that Caliban was a great choice for a reference. It's always nice to have something new from you to read. :D


(minor note: if Peony is supposed to be Keldorn's younger daughter, I think you got the name wrong. Vesper was her name, Peony was their maid.

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Bri, that is a wonderful take of the PC's afterlife so to speak. It reminds me of "Unforgiven" with Clint Eastwood (IIRC). A twisted Imoen, Jaheira dead and parts of Kelsey still MIA that is plain joy to read more about the Bhaal cult.


Very often cults arise, because the true cause for the worship is almost or already gone. I hope for more inspiring breaks in between classes. :D


Yes, I know Bri, what can I say. :D

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Thanks for the kind words guys.


But yes, BigRob, eventually, at some point, the zeal of adventuring would leave most people I would say. If nothing else, old age would start to take an effect...or an oncoming fear of mortality, etc. Yes, at some point, those people are willing to risk death for whatever reason, but the ones that survive (and I would point out that the long term life expectency of the average adventurer would be on the order of a snowball's chance in Hell) will eventually give up the life.


And the interesting thing about cults Jester, and the Forgotten Realms in general, is that biggest key to any deity is belief. So, with sufficient belief, even one of the failed Bhaalspawn...with enough power (and the permission of Ao!) could be enough to make one a god/goddess...

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