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Startup errors


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"Classic" Mac OS (the old Apple "System <version>" OS, before it was called Mac OS, and Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9) used the ":" exclusively as the path separator (both \ and / were invalid path separators).


I honestly don't recall if ":" is even allowed on Mac OS X; for safety, I'd definitely recommend sticking with the forward slash ("/"). Even if the colon works today, there's probably no guarantee it will work in future versions. "/" will always be the native path separator on Mac OS X, and "\" will never work (hopefully).


Baldur's Gate II and Icewind Dale run on both "classic" Mac OS and Mac OS X, and of "\" and ":," the colon is by far the most Mac-compatible, which is probably why they changed it for the Mac key.


EDIT: I ramble too much. The OS should not accept : -- it needs to be translated to / -- is the safest thing to assume.

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Alright, then the safest, quickest (and probably just a bit dirty) solution would be to silently replace :'s always, while loading the key :)
Yeah. I don't think the potential exists to actually break anything in the really real world by doing that.
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Baldur's Gate II resources are now found, and all routes lead to similar behavior as Baldur's Gate (windowed mode doesn't work, fullscreen leaves a flashing inoperable cursor). Without the ACM and MVE importers, there is no crash on startup.

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I have little idea about OpenAL (I know it works in some fashion, but it may not be identical to the Windows or Linux releases). SDL is hopefully just garbage from CVS. Compilation of the release version (1.2.9 or something) doesn't work here (some unbound symbol I don't want to track down).


At least GemRB is up and running, which should make it very simple for anyone to check periodically with updated versions of SDL and OpenAL, at least until somebody with enough guts decides to do a full-on port to Mac OS X.

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