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Sorry guys, I've been down for the count for too long. Too much coding at work has left me tapped out.


However, I see myself launching into this again, so if your still up for this mod, then please hang tight!






Of course, we are!

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Guest Guest

Orrgh, okay, I'm trying to get started again, but having a hard time picking up the thread...


I'll find it, I promise!


I'll try to keep posted with any news. :cry:

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Orrgh, okay, I'm trying to get started again, but having a hard time picking up the thread...


I'll find it, I promise!


I'll try to keep posted with any news. ???

Great news! This is my most eagerly awaited mod!

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Alright, I put a lot of time into this over the last 1.5 days or so. The good news is that I fixed some bugs and added a bunch of features, and I'm this close to getting the vale Skellies resolved (while resolving a lot of other things as well). One slight problem is that RNDTRS.2DA seems to work a bit differently. In IWD1 it was possible to have an equipped random draw from the table and it would drop correctly, in IWD2 the dropping part seems broken though the equipping part seems fine. I'll have to tweak this a bit. I could have them all wield longswords.

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Good to hear progress!


As always waiting to hear of anything new :)

Thank you, thank you! ???


I'm hoping I haven't let things die down too much. I'm looking forward to another beta, but I want to get a bit further along first. If all goes well, I'll be able to start handing off stuff soon to anyone that wants to get their hands dirty. :p

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Just completed IWD1 again, and started on IWD2 with plans to use the same party. I had forgotten just how horrible Fighter/Wizard was in this game (iwd2) :)


So just checking if there is any activity (been quiet for a couple of days). Also whatever you do, remember to let everlast arrow be available in the change! >_<


*Looks through the minibar for annother potion of patience*

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*crosses fingers, and hopes he actually get to beta test something this time!*

I'm working hard at it! A lot of sweat over the last week or so. A lot of infrastructure and bug fixes.




Just wanted to say that if an IWD conversion mod that makes it possible to play IWD using the engine and rules from IWD2 is made, then IWD will be on my computer permanently. ;)

I REALLY hope this project is doable, and I am willing to do some testing if you need anyone.


Finding this forum was the lucky break of this day. ;)


best regards,


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Sorry, work has hit me pretty hard. That and I decided to play PS:T all the way through ;P


Anyway, I'm ready to launch in again. I'm pretty close to an incremental release. There's still so much to do, but I have gotten a lot done.


And yes, I think a translation would certainly be possible if someone is willing to do it ;)



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