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Sndslot IDS Entries


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Here is a link to sndslot.ids on IESDP: http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/scripting/ids/bg2/sndslot.htm


I assume that nearly everything in this file is played automatically by the game upon the right conditions being met. Eg someone dies, the character will spout the REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL sound or you leave the npc standing too long and he spouts the BORED line.


I understand that these can be used in scripts probably with playsound() ? But what about the strange ones in the list:





When are these used?


If you can assign a sound to a dialog why a need for an ids file with lots of extra entries for things like INSULT and RESPONSE_TO_INSULT1. How does the game engine know when a character has been insulted? That the insult was directed at X npc?


Or is this ids solely meant to cater for npc's that might not have dialog files but do have spoken lines in the game? So you can carry on a limited dialog via cutscene for example using sound files?


ActionOverride("Joe", Playsound(INSULT))

ActionOverride("Jim", Playsound(RESPONSE_TO_INSULT1))

ActionOverride("Joe", Attack("Jim"))


or whatever the correct scripting would be.


Basically what I'm looking for is more detail on when the obscure entries are used. Anyone ever do anything on this?

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