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Congratulations, Cirerrek for joining the G3 community!


I am longing to test your gMinion script once I will finally play TuTu/BGT/The Merger... :D


Thanks and keep it up! :D

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cirerrek, sir, sorry for the delay in follow-up testing. Went on holiday, and now back at uni. Gimme another week or two and I can help out more.


Glad to have you back in the IE modding Pantheon.

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Thanks Salk, Azazello, & Sir Alexander.


I went ahead and split this topic out from my Hello wrold! 'faq'. Hope you don't mind. Partly an attempt to see what I could do with the moderator options.




Hopefully Mcready's research has made it possible for gMinion to work faithfully in the context of TuTu.




Hope the holidays treated you well. I haven't forgotten about our convo on the auto movement off for gMinion. Just debating whether or not AI off (since that is already available) is sufficient or not. Let me know your thoughts.


@Sir Alexander


Thanks again for the translation assistance.


I'd like to see the eSeries make it in to a few more languages. Hopefully interested parties will wander through or perhaps I'll have to shake some trees to see if a potential translater falls out :)




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