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GTU savings


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It would probably be nice to change the current

STRING_SET     5 @1000005
STRING_SET     7 @1000007
STRING_SET    10 @1000010
STRING_SET    11 @1000011
STRING_SET    20 @1000020
STRING_SET 74104 @1074104

into the newer, more efficient

STRING_SET     5 @1000005
               7 @1000007
              10 @1000010
              11 @1000011
              20 @1000020
           74104 @1074104
USING ~bg2fixpack/%LANGUAGE%/gtu.tra~

This should prevent ever having to load gtu.tra outside the STRING_SET block, and should provide some improvement to performance.

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Yeah, Wes added it for me before leaving.


I can't quantify how much faster it will be, since I don't know how the DECOMPILE_ and COMPILE_ patches work. In general, this would be much faster for anything using the COMPILE action, since it no longer requires shuffling and loading a 2MB TRA file into memory for each file that is compiled (even though the TRAs are already loaded, WeiDU will copy them into memory again for each and every file COMPILEd).

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