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New Kit for Elven Fighter/Mages: Bladesinger


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This mod, if it works properly in my BGII installation, will be a true godsend! I have a character who's meant to be a Bladesinger, but with BGII's limitations, I've been forced to play him as a straight Fighter/Mage. It's just not right :)


I have a suggestion for this mod: add some unique Elven weapons. You could take source material from Races of the Wild (a 3rd edition D&D book, ISBN# 0-7869-3438-7) to create an Elven lightblade, thinblade, courtblade, and even an Elvencraft Bow. There are also armors that could be created: forestwarden shroud, leafweave armor, thistledown suit, and wildwood armor. Any or all these items would enhance the mod and add to the enjoyment, IMHO :) I have the book, and can provide any information on these items to anyone interested.


Happy modding,


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You're more than welcome to give suggestions.


I'm working on the concept of a Moonblade and a magical Elven Chain for Bladesingers along with some other items.


Sweet! You might be able to modify existing items for those two. The Xan NPC mod has a Moonblade that only he can use, and the vanilla BGII game has a couple different suits of Elven Chain, I believe.


As for the items I mentioned, I went ahead and wrote a mini-mod of sorts last night, creating the weapons by modifying existing ones and exporting them under new filenames, then writing a short .tp2 to give names and descriptions, and to copy the items into the override folder. I'll probably test it today. It would be better to have custom icons for these, but I don't feel ready to get into that just yet :) If all goes well, I'll try creating the armors I mentioned as well.


The idea of mods that expand on character races in such ways is mighty appealing! I was even thinking about whether or not racial "kits" could be added to the game. I suppose they'd have to be tied to classes, but I know that adding kits to the game sometimes invites trouble.


Keep up the good work!

- E

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The main idea of the Elven blades (lightblade, thinblade, courtblade) is that they're lighter than their normal counterparts, and are all piercing weapons (IIRC, the thinblade and courblade are slashing/piercing, but I don't know if that can be reflected in BGII or not...maybe adding an effect to the item?). The Elvencraft Longbow can be used as a quarterstaff in melee as well as a missile weapon, and the Elvencraft Shortbow can be used as a club in melee.


- E

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I've encountered a bug.. I've assigned an AC-bonus of -1 at level 1, 7, 13..


I've played with a 19-dex character.. In the beginning of the game his AC should then be: -4 Dex, -2 AC bonus = 4.. instead it's -6!


Now I level him up and gets and 13th level gets another -2!


Now I try to import the character in a new game to see if it calculates the AC wrong and a recalc. will fix it.. Now his AC is -10!


EDIT: The character I've been playing with is now a 10th level Bladesinger/ 11th level Mage.. He has 2x Singe Weapon Style and a ring of protection +1.. when I strip him of items his AC is 6..


Can anyone tell me what could be wrong?


namely, this bug...

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