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Saving Throws v. Resistance

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I've had this BG2 kit idea for floating around in the back of my head for a while now, and much of it came into focus last night. Currently my only real concern is that I would like the kit to get an increased chance of any spell from a specific school to not work. I do not want to give 100% immunity because that would be too powerful, I just want to better thier odds.


It seems logical that a saving throw bonus would be the correct way of achieving this. However it does not appear possible after my review of IESDP. So my questions are:


#1- have I missed something and it is possible.


#2-If a saving throw versus spell school is not a viable option, can you vary the % of "immunity" afforded by the 'Protection from Spell (School)', opcode #204?


Thank you.

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Thereotically you could use the Protection from Spell (School) effect, but give it a limited duration and certain chance of failure.  You would then have a script which causes the spell to be re-cast once the duration runs out.

Yes, this is true, you can even use an opcode (maybe only in ToB) instead of scripting (this makes the stuff a bit more stable), yet, it is quite tough.

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Thanks guys. While I do appreciate the responses I can't say I like the content. :) I was hoping this would be something fairly easy that I just wasn't seeing. Oh well.


I do have a question regarding NIGHTMARE's solution, could that impact game performace if this script is constantly running in the background? While I'm not really worried about it on my own system I ask because if I ever would release something like this I would not want it to have a negative impact on someone else's game.

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