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CamDawg's Tweak Pack Released


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Edit: This mod has been deprecated as a standlaone mod; everything is now included in the G3 Tweak Pack. Many of these components also found their way to the Tutu Tweak pack as well.


'lo folks,


This is a collection of tweaks that I've put together for Baldur's Gate II. Some are requests from players and others are tweaks I've wanted to do for a while. At any rate, enjoy.


If you have a suggestion for improving one of the tweaks, or to suggest a new tweak, feel free to post away.


* Shadows of Amn World Map Fixes - The SoA world map is, frankly, a mess. It's riddled with inconsistent travel times, and random encounters are prevented due to missing fields.


This component seeks to correct these errors. Travel times are now a function of distance on the map and consistent in both directions. New travel links have been added--for example, Trademeet to the North Forest will no longer take 50+ hours, even though they're next to each other on the map. Random encounter data is consistent and complete.


WARNING: The world map is one element that is included in a save game. This has two effects: first, you must start a new game to use the fixed world map. Second, and more important, if the world map has a bug installing a fix will have no effect on your saved game. There are ways to manually fix such problems; however, they can be difficult.


The world map component is also incompatible with other mods that overwrite the world map, such as The Darkest Day, Baldur's Gate Trilogy, Big Picture, etc. It will be compatible with the upcoming Elai and Delainy mods, as they make interactive changes to the map.


* Weapon Animation Tweaks - By default, spears in BG2 use 33% overhead swings, 33% backhand swings and only 34% thrusting attacks.


Wouldn't it make more sense to use the pointy end?


This component adjusts the attack animation balances of three weapons classes: spears, staves, and short swords. Spears now primarily use thrusting attacks, staves are more consistent as a class and use more swinging attacks, and short swords use a better balance of the three. These changes are made interactively and will affect all items in the game, whether original or added via mod, provided this component is installed after other mods.


* Imoen Avatar Change - This component will change Imoen's avatar from a thief to a mage.


* Valen/Solaufein-Style Interjections - One of the more common triggers for dialogue interjections does not quite work as well as intended. Irenicus not realizing Yoshimo is in your party at Spellhold is a common example. This component will interactively replace these faulty triggers with a simple in-party check, similar to the Valen or Solaufein mods. The net result is that some characters may be chiming in on conversations from half-a-map away, but it also means no more silliness such as Irenicus missing Yoshimo when he's standing four feet away.


* Viconia Skin Color Change - Another fan request, this component will change Viconia's in-game avatar to have dark blue skin to match her default portrait.


* Force All Dialogue to Pause - This component will change all dialogue to pausing. No longer will bandits attack in the middle of a conversation.


* Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight - Nearly all magically created items in BG2 have zero weight, though there are a few exceptions. This component will change Melf's Minute Meteors, Jan's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates, weapons created by Enchanted Weapon, Shillegagh, and a few others to have zero weight.

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Just wanted to say Thank You. Especially for the Valen/Sola style interjections. "Chiming in half a map away" is much, much better than the dialog simply not showing up. And the World Map fix is a big improvement. Thanks again and great work.

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