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My freshly-created barb has 312 hit points


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This problem seems to be occuring with Higher HP on Level Up: NWN Style. I made a couple of barbs, a dwarf with 17 cont and an elf with 12 cont, and they had 312 and 340 HP respectively. I remade an exact duplicate of the elf and this time he had 286 HP.


I removed the Higher HP on Level Up: NWN Style component and again made the same characters. This time they had 87 HP and 62 HP.


I then installed the Higher HP on Level Up: Maximum (or whatever it's called) and the characters had 101 and 80 HP. I remade them a second time and the HPs were identical (101 and 80).


Can someone please check the NWN Style component for me, as I'd like to see if I'm having conflicts with another mod.

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