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Bill Bisco

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This looks like a really cool mod and I hope that you are still working on it as I would like to try it out.


Perhaps instead of making the strongholds only available to some NPCs, perhaps make it available to all NPCs who have the appropriate Class of the Stronghold. That way if you have an NPC from another mod then they and you can still benefit from it without having to produce Cross-mod content.


Now, after the generic allowing any eligible NPC to run the Stronghold is in place, you could put unique Text for the Bioware NPCs, and if you happen to believe that some of them should not be able to run it, then they won't.


Another advantage is that this allows other modders to make their own tweaks to allow their NPCs to work.

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Considering the sheer numbers of available NPCs out there, this would either exponentially increase Kish's work, or force him to code the conversations generically. The latter is no good for anyone, and the former might make the project completely unfinishable.


It would be more efficient for the NPC authors themselves to code their NPCs taking over a stronghold.

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What I mean is, have a generic script and dialogue for an NPC of the Appropriate Class. That means that all modded NPCs of that class will say the same thing.


Now, let's say that we're talking about the Fighter Stronghold and we have Korgan take it, then the Specially made Script for Korgan will kick in, but if there isn't one for him then he'll just talk like every other Fighter would in that situation.


The idea is that you could have any modded NPC be able to take over a Stronghold without problems, and if Kish or the NPC Modder felt like catering to that Specific NPC, then they could make a specific script.


Otherwise, you'd have to script every NPC out there, and if it didn't have one then Tough! This way, that situation won't occur.

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I think that Kish was actually targeting specific vs generic, as not all NPCs are eligible for strongholds as per FAQ. :)


Q: Will every NPC be able to claim a stronghold?


A: No. A few NPCs don't make sense for the strongholds their classes otherwise qualify them for, either because the stronghold-granter would not give the stronghold to that NPC or because the NPC wouldn't accept the stronghold. Logic is given priority over giving a stronghold to all NPCs in these cases

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I think that s/he was referring to Bioware NPCs in this. But in any case, what I propose means the Greater Happiness for the Player as I can almost guarantee that a mod writer will probably not write their modded NPC to be included in this pack.


If it would be logically unplausable for a modded NPC to have a stronghold then it would be up to the player to be logical in that case.

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For Kish to write things, on his own, for every mod NPC out there would really not be feasible, since 1) the amount of work would be extreme and 2) modders like to have some control over their NPCs even after they've been released.


A generic script doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me, personally. How could one code a script that would fit both Kelsey and Solaufein for the Planar Sphere, for instance? It's technically possible, but would be very unimmersive.

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Yes, "generic" lines would be pointless. I know how Anomen (for example) would run the de'Arnise Keep and what all his lines would be; I'd have no chance of getting any of them right for a mod NPC I didn't know about. That said, don't assume the mod will only affect Bioware NPCs.

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