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Need more Romance Conflicts?

Grim Squeaker

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Okay, I can't always release an entire update of Crossmod just to add a couple of new mods to the Crossmod Romance Conflicts component. So this is what I'll do. On the G3 Wiki I keep an up-to-date version of the necessery file, including information from my personnal projects in beta and various mods that have been released since the last update of Crossmod.


If, after checking the current Crossmod readme, you discover you are missing someone (for example, Kulyok's Xan, which has just been released), then go to the following link:


G3 Wiki: Crossmod Banter Pack


If you see the NPC you are looking for at the bottom of that screen (just after 'Public projects included but not in the latest release:') then you're in luck and I have the information. If not, pester me and I'll see about getting it.


If I have the information, go into your CrossmodBG2 directory, and you can open up romances.2da with any text-editor. Copy the contents of the little block of code on that website (starting at 2DA V1.0 and all the way to the end of the line starting with ENDOF2DA. Paste this over the contents of your romances.2da and save.


You'll then need to (re)install Crossmod Romance Conflicts in order to see the effects.


Hope that was of some help!

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