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Summoned Creatures


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Is there an effect or opcode that I can use to do the following?


I want to make a summoning spell that summons 1 creature. At various levels, the creatures will have different hit points.


For instance:


Level 1-8


60% of caster hit points


Level 9-16



80% of caster hit points


Level 16-24


100% of caster hit points


The hit point part is what I haven't be able to figure out.


Or I guess I could randomize things with a table like they do for some of the summoning spells.


Thoughts anyone?




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Shadow Monsters does something similar to this, so you might be able to find the code in there. But it's possible that the creatures summoned by the (Demi-)Shadow Monsters spells are pre existing creatures and the % of their HP is already worked out, which leaves you out of luck.

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