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IWDTweaks component didn't work?


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Hi all :)

I've started yesterday new game of IWD1 with G3Dale Tweaks, Auril's Bane & Yovaneth's Scripts installed (in this order). Although I did install component in subj, the game still don't let me to wear Ring+1 & Ring+2 together "due to other magical equipment you are currently wearing" :D Reinstalling this component of Tweaks didn't fix a thing. Any advice about source of the problem & ways to solve it would be greatly appreciated :D


//Updated: Leather Armor+1 & Ring+1 didn't work as well, so it wasn't an accident :D

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Duh, I wish I wasn't so lasy as I am and try to solve it before posting here :)


Anyway, I found out that Itemexcl.2da in my override for some reason wasn't overrided by tweaked one. After manual replacement magic items become wearable together as was intended. So I fix the thing for myself, but still unsure what was the reason of it :D

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