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A bit offtopic, unless someone will decide to make Tweak component solving this problem :D, but I figured that here's the place where I have best chances to get an answer :D

I'm speaking about the situation when thief (2 weapon slots), dualled to mage (2 weapon slots as well), immediately after re-activating of it's first class loses one of her weapon slots, thus becoming stuck with an option of having only melee or ranged weapon. Since I hate micromanagement and PC scripts I use didn't like to reequip weapons from inventory as well, it's quite an... uncomfortable state of affairs :D

I tried to check .2da files as well as savegames in an attempt to ascertain where the information on weapon slots number is stored but was unsuccessful. Did anyone know if it's possible to change this number at all or this is a hardcoded feature? :)

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