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Cleric Remix Beta Released


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Just when you thought it had gone away... the first beta release of the Cleric Remix mod (WeiDU format) is available.


View the complete readme


Go to the download page


The initial release re-balances trueclass clerics and the three original Bioware cleric kits with pen & paper spell sphere restrictions. Three new kits--Nightcloaks of Shar, Battleguards of Tempus, and Silverstars of Selune are available as separate components. Many of the spell icons and graphics for the new spells have not been updated yet, so please keep this in mind.


The initial release should be fully compatible with Baldur's Gate Tutu and the Ashes of Embers Universal Weapons component, provided Cleric Remix is installed after them. This mod also includes a component to disable cleric kits added with The Darkest Day and The Big Picture to allow the new kits to be installed.


Anyway, enjoy! Please post feedback and bug reports here in the forum and NiGHTMARE, Andyr and I will do our best to fix bugs and weigh suggestions.

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According to the FR Players' Guide to Faerun, Helm resides on the House of the Triad. His domain is called Everwatch which is also the name of the watchtower.

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They changed the entire cosmology of planes for 3E. Faerun's planes are not linked to the Manual of the Planes ones. In 3E, Mechanus isn't even accessible from the Realms...

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Ah, that would explain it then. It doesn't even show on the map in the Players' Guide. I don't have the Manual of the Planes so I've been going by the Players' Guide and Faiths and Pantheons. Faiths and Pantheons was printed in 2002, so I don't know if that makes it 3E or what.

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Faiths and Pantheons is 3E, yeah. I have that and the Manual of the Planes.


You can tell which edition it is by reading the rules inside... :D :D [/lame joke]

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Ah, that would explain it then.  It doesn't even show on the map in the Players' Guide.  I don't have the Manual of the Planes so I've been going by the Players' Guide and Faiths and Pantheons.  Faiths and Pantheons was printed in 2002, so I don't know if that makes it 3E or what.


Technically the way it's supposed to work is the current game manuals/source books trump previous source material (and novels).


The trouble is, when Bioware/Black Isle were making the BG saga, 3E was still in development. Therefore the Bio team really only had 2nd Edition sources to go with. Faiths and Avatars is the 2nd Ed "God Book" with the main Faerunian pantheon in it, and it lists deities as existing on their respective "Great Wheel" planes.


In 2nd Ed Mystra dwells in Dweomerheart, which is located in Eronia, which is a section of the plane Elysium.


In the Avatar series, by Richard Awlinson (aka Scott Ciencin, Troy Denning, and James Lowder), Mystra resides in Mechanus. This is because that particular incarnation of Mystra was Lawful Neutral.


When Midnight took over, the book following the Avatar trilogy (Prince of Lies) has Mystra/Midnight still residing in Mechanus. But because that Mystra is NG, I'm pretty certain that her realm was slowly shifting across to Elysium. :D Eventually, by the time Faiths and Avatars came out, Mystra's realm had completed the change.


In 3E, according to Faiths and Pantheons, she resides in Dweomerheart - along with Azuth (LN), Savras (TN), and Velsharooon (NE) among others.


If this information is contradicted by the 3.5E Player's Guide to Faerun, then that will take precedence. :D


Anyway, I guess after all that babble I've kind of lost the point of my message.


If deities were all that important to the BG saga, then I'd probably take pains to make the information presented about them to be accurate... But honestly, they're not that important. If the information provided is accurate and agrees with 2nd Edition sources, then it's good enough. :D


(If the authors of this mod decide to add more SP/kits to this, Mystra would be nice, thanks. :D)

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The plan for the first non-beta version is to have one deity per alignment, and unfortunately Mystra's NG is already covered by Lathander. However, you can bet once we progress past having nine human cleric kits (probably v2 of the mod), the Dweomerkeep will be one of the first to be made.


BTW the three "missing" alignments from the current beta are LG, N and LE. I'll leave it to your imagination which deities we'll use for these :D

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You could make Viconia's version of the kit give her a couple of Drow innates, as Drow on the surface still retain one use of Faerie Fire, Darkness and Levitate. Obviously the latter can't be done, but CRMix introduces Faerie Fire and we could give her another use of Blindness instead of Darkness :D

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I remember reading somewhere that the innates fade as time is spent on the surface - levitation quickest, but even magic resistance given time!

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