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Modder pack - embarassing bug

the bigg

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in the file bg2fixpack\dlg\bg.d, you are blanking too many dialogues. I caugth


BEGIN ~sendai~


which will destroy your game in the Sendai Enclave (since you get stuck watching the 1st cutscene with Sendai and the monk). I haven't checked if there are other wrongly blanked dialogues though.

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Just gather up the list and make a quick

COPY_EXISTING ~\1.DLG~ ~wherever~
 READ_LONG 0xc stateOff
 PATCH_IF (stateOff == 0x30) BEGIN

There are only a few BG2 dialogues that don't have the pausing flag, and I'm pretty sure they're all unused.

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This is turning up about 1,000 dialogue files, as opposed to the 250 or so we currently have. The only one on the curent list but not on the one I just generated is sendai, so I think we're good. Next I'm going to compare the non-pause list against a list of BG/TotSC dialogue files.

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