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So I'm new to BG1

Guest Mat

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I have played BG1 briefly before but got put off by all the things that made it inferior to BG2(which I've played alot). Anyway I recently noticed tutu and this NPC project so figured I'd give it another try seeing as most of the things that I didn't like with BG1 will be fixed.

I've got this BG1NPC pack as well as all the optional BG1tutu npcs installed(this won't cause any problem will it?) and was just wondering which NPCs/NPC combinations that's perticularily interesting in BG1? I imagine there's some with alot more content then others, just like in BG2.

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Hi Mat, and welcome to the boards.


First of all, nope, the custom NPCs will not interfere with the project.


As for the choice of the NPCs, I would suggest that you mix and match, chosing the ones whose personality you find interesting. We tried to keep the content relatively even, but there are some NPCs that got more dialogues than the others. On the other hand, the NPCs personalities are shining through, so it is very much a matter of personal preference. I am probably the only person under the sun who likes Faldorn :)


Firstly, of course the romanceable NPCs are the most talkative ones. They are Ajantis, Branwen, Coran, Dynaheir, Shar-Teel and Xan.


The characters with the most interjections are Garrick and Viconia.


The characters who has their own sidequests and additional scenes are Xan, Coran, Xzar, Jaheira, Edwin, Kivan and Garrick.


The characters who have the most banter w other NPCs are Imoen and Faldorn.


The characters with the least content are possibly Safana, Tiax and Yeslick, but it's quite good :D


Characters that will come to blows are Viconia and Ajantis or Kivan, Shar-Teel and Eldoth, Tiax and Quayle, Kagain and Yeslick, Dynaheir and Edwin, Kivan and Montaron. Coran/Xan/ Ajantis and Branwen-Dynaheir will feud over the PC's love.


In short many a party composition will be rewarding and fun. I have played with a variety of characters testing the mod; some of my parties were:


A "classical" good one: Minsc, Dynaheir, Kivan, Branwen (or Khalid/Jaheira) and Imoen/Coran/Alora

A "classical" neutral one: Xan, Garrick, Faldorn, Shar-Teel and Safana/Tiax

A "classical" evil one: Xzar/Eldoth, Montaron/Skie, Viconia, Kagain, Edwin


Sometimes it is rewarding to have a mixed party alignment. For example, Dynaheir-Edwin conflicts are quite pronounced and Edwin's conflict with Dynaheir's romance was one of my favorites.


Hope that helps, an have fun playing!

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Thanks, yea helped alot. Will just go with the npcs I like the most then, doubt that can go wrong. Although will try to have a few conflicting npcs, they can always be entertaining :)

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