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Mod Spells and Items

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I'm slowly plugging through adding the Divine Remix spells and kit abilities to the eSeries.


Are there any other mod spells or items that players would really like to see added?




I don't have every mod installed, so you'll have to do some legwork if you want to see your spell/item added to the eSeries (see ground rules below).


Some spells/items may not be easily scriptable. If that is the case I may elect to not try. I'll let you know if that is what I decide.




If you are familar with the eSeries and are handy at scripting, you are welcome to code up the spell/item yourself and send it to me for inclusion in the next version.


Lists of ranged weapons that are added by mods are good for the way the eSeries handles weapon switching.


I can keep adding things until something breaks (hit some sort of perfomance barrier. If there is one).


Ground rules for a submittal:




Name of item (e.g. +1 Sword of Snarling)

Item resref (e.g. SW1H06.ITM)

Item Category (e.g. weapon <ranged or melee>, item that casts a spell)

If it casts a spell, see Spells below




Name of spell (e.g. El Phantasmo Chicken Run Blast O' Rama)

Spell resref (e.g. SPIN511.SPL)

Spell Description (e.g., the whole thing, if I don't know what the spell does, I can't target it properly)


Note: That even with the spell description, I'm not offering any warranties that a spell is targeted properly. The description is one thing, but it's what is 'under the hood' that counts. So if you can check to make sure the effects match the description, that would be extremely helpful.


I'm sure after I've had a few submittals, I'll probably think of more rules, but that is the list for now.



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