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Request: Kit Selection for NPCs in Tutu


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Hello -


An EasyTutu-related feedback I've received on more than one occasion is that the option to assign kits to BG1 NPCs is missed. EasyTutu lacks this feature due to the method it employs for installing Tutu, but I've always felt that NPC kit selection comes at a really questionable spot in the conventional Tutu installation process. IMO, it should have been a mod rather than an option in the conversion.


Any chance you fine folks would be willing to add a NPC kit selection feature to Tutu Tweaks? :)

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This has actually be requested by several people on many occasions. I think what most people would like to see is the kit selection to be removed from the core Tutu install and placed in either the Fixpack or the Tweakpack. Personally, I'd say it's more of a tweak than a fix, but I'm with you that it'd be nice to have it in one of the two.

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