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I reinstalled Kivan and it messed up dialog.tlk. I had a really interesting conversation with the bookkeeper in the promenade. Should I restart the computer after installing each mod to give the registry time to keep up?


Heres a list of the mods i have: Quest Pack, NPCFlirt (dont judge me), kivan and the sp collection.

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Okay, if your dialogue.tlk got messed up, you need to:


- uninstall all of the mods,

- delete your weidu.log

- restore your clean install of the game (it's done the easiest if you have back'd up clean dialogue.tlk and override, then you just delete the messed up ones and put in the clean one. If not, you will need to reinstall the game and do a back up after that just in case you will have some future troubles. The clean backups should be without any mods installed)


You also want the flirtpacks to be the last mod installed. I have no idea about the other mods you have.

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