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I'm a bit of a writer, specialising in fantasy and sci-fi. I love BG and the Realms, so if any modders out there have a story idea, or need ideas, but dont have a literary mind, or even if they do, I'm freakin' here and I wanna write!

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People look for writing help relatively often, but when you are new to the community and your writing prowess is an unknown, you are risking not being taken seriously.


What you have brought to the table so far: cross-overs suggestions for very famous existing lore figures - are not likely to be looked upon very favorably.


If you are serious about helping out with writing I suggest that you do the following:


Provide a sample of your writing sketching the dialogues between known BioWARE NPCs, so that people could see your level and grammar aptitude. The ability to write a lot alone is nothing, if you have very bad grammar (no capitalization, routine misspellings, bad sentence construction, etc) and if you can't write for different character voices correctly. For example I tend to judge the quality of a writer on how he does the difficult NPCs, such as Korgan and Jan.


Or you can make a detailed Quest Outline if that's Quests that interest you more.


Keep in mind, that there are ton-and-a-half of NPCs available and in making, so it is unlikely that you will be able to solicit support with anything but a brilliant idea (and a cross-over is very poor idea).


You should also realise that a write for a mod looks into a long-term commitment, and he or she writes not only the "fun" content, but also the tedious things, like interjections, or the "obligatory" material (Tree of Life) etc. If you are to make your own NPC from scratch you are looking at about half-a-year of scurpulous work. And I emphasize - work. You will have to learn to write in such a way that even if you don't code yoursef, the coder had an easy time of dealing with your texts (I personally think that at that point it's easier to code on your own, but whatever).


Cheers, and good luck.

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