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Ajantis Romance


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(I'm not sure if this has been asked before. If it has, please direct me to the right thread/post and remove this, heh. I apologize if I cause any inconvenience.)


Does Ajantis have a specific quest, such as, achieving his Knighthood?


... And uh... I am open to spoilers if you have any hints in the best way to advance into the romance. :)

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No, Ajantis have no specific quests, but if you have Coran in the party as well and your PC is romance-eligible with him as well as with Ajantis, there is a rather interesting multi-part challenge between the two men worth seeing. The best way to advance through Ajantis' romance is to keep your reputation high and act in a way that attracts a lawful good character. Ajantis will not romance a single-classed thief. For more tips, please see the BG1NPC Guide included with the download of the mod :) And, of course, Jastey may have some more tips. Have fun!

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Thanks, Domi. You said most of it. Keep rep high, help people and these things (yes, there is a "PC did nasty things"-counter running for the romance). Biggest spoiler would be that the romance has to be proceeded before the PC gets to know her Bhaal-heritage (before returning to Candlekeep).

Have fun!

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Oooh...thank you. :D I think I will restart my game. I didn't get to pick up Coran.. I got Xan though. And their banters were amusing.. and funny. (If I have all three males in the group, how would all three of them react to one another, I wonder) For now, I am trying out Ajantis romance. Then, I will try all the other romances (--even the female ones). *Anticipates all the time involved in front of the PC* :D


I suppose I can take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you (those involved in the NPC Project, as well as, BG1TuTu).


First of all, I haven't played BG/ToSC in years. But, because of the BG1TuTu and the NPC Project, I have started playing again (my game discs got pretty dusty there, heh). Another thing, I avoided registering in a modding community in a long time (I just didn't have a pleasant experience in the last modding community I joined in... :) ---This seems to be a nice forum... It could be safe here, right? I would go and post in Pocketplane to congratulate and thank them there too. But, I'm still figuring out if that will be a good idea. :D ). Yet, here I am again... open for target :D (I won't be surprised if there are members here who may remember me... or maybe not. Haha!)


Anyway, I will not ask if there will be a continuation of the romances in BG 2. I have been reading the posts in the other threads already. I understand that for the Ajantis romance, there are at least two mod in development. Of course, my preference would be the one who wrote the mod for this project. Why? I like dialogues and how Ajantis' character was developed. I think this is one of the few romance mods I know where the NPC didn't have much "baggage" from the past. (I don't recall him whining about anything, so far... )


Again, thank you!

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Hi Gia, I am glad that you are enjoying the mod, and please don't hesitate to post anywhere and anything. And yep, we all are keeping our eyes open for BG2 Ajantis being released! As for baggage, well, in a project like BG1NPC we are following the backgrounds and events already in the game, so you can get a pretty good idea as to which character will be more light-hearted than the other :)

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Hi Gia, thank you for the kind words on the Ajantis romance, I appreciate it! I hope you won't be disappointed. Kulyok already released her Xan BGII mod, which you have surely already read. I am working on Ajantis BGII, although this will take a lot more time, I am no fast writer. But thanks for the interest and you'll bet I will announce it properly once it's available. :)

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I just tripped over a confusing situation in my game. :D


Ok... romancing Ajantis.. have both Xan and Coran in the party (I'm trying to preview the other romances *snickers*)... then, for some odd reason, Coran's romance became inactive that I may not reach that little surprise "event" between Coran and Ajantis.


I don't know what I did to make the romance inactive. I was careful not to reject Coran (which was a challenge because he's just sooo..... charming :D ) and at the same time not to endulge his advances (since my objective is to romance Ajantis).


Xan's romance is still active (Xan was not as aggressive as Coran, thus, it's easier to work with his romance concurrently with the other two). I figured the romance will become inactive when I come to that point where I had to decide and pick my guy (such as: Anomen forced a decision to be made --- him or Kelsey ....or my PC just plain rejects the romance).


What do you think I did wrong? :D Did I reject Coran and not realize it?



Anyway... did I mention that you guys did a great job with the mod? Oh.. yeah.. I did... :)

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I don't know what I did to make the romance inactive. I was careful not to reject Coran (which was a challenge because he's just sooo..... charming  ) and at the same time not to endulge his advances (since my objective is to romance Ajantis).


Difficult to say, without knowing your particular romance path. Usually it's hard to discourage Coran appart from giving in too soon. What was your RomancePath Global and which talk where you on for both romances? Do you have the "rekindle the flames" choice in Coran's player-initiated dialogues menue? Did you per chance took Safana in the party?

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Ok.. I got:







(I don't know how this last global affects the romance either. I didn't put the other ones, knowing they had not much effect on the romance being inactive.)

I'm not sure how the resist timer affects the romance.


I didn't pick up Safana (I read the romance guide). I really haven't gotten too far in the game. However, I already did the Firewine Bridge quest. I wonder if the result of that quest affected the romance. :) (I'm trying not to say too much here :D )


While I am on this Coran/Ajantis romance... how far should I allow him to go with the PC? (She's definitely not giving in to him because of Ajantis.) :D I'm not sure if the romance with Ajantis will get affected if.. let's say... the PC allowed Coran to kiss her or something of that nature.


Thanks for being patient with me. :D

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Try to simply reset CORANROMANCEINACTIVE to 0, and see if it works. Nope, kissing Coran should not affect Ajantis romance. I think we are coordinating based on the # of talks rather than on individual options (appart from becoming lovers) before triggering a challenge. The rival romances are simply shut down once you hit the commited stage on the first one to reach that particular barrier. Once that happened, you can use the player initiated menue to shut down the "commited romance" and try to "make up" with another guy.


It is a bit tricky, because each romance has its pace and all of the NPCs show up in the different locations...


Anyways, I will take a look at the other globals for you tonight, and let you know how far away from the challenges you are. I think there are some 3 or 4 bickering banters between the males before the Master of Challenges shows up.

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Gia, you are still in the "talking" phase of the conflict. Basically now you have some banters that are triggering at 15 and more interval between Coran and Ajantis. If you want them to pass quicker, please do the following:


Reset the CoranRomanceInactive Global to 0.


Set Global "X#AJCOConflictTime" to 1


then if you have CluaConsole activated summon banter, with Ctrl+I. If you do not, wait for it to occur naturally in the game.


Repeat the process till you have seen the banters starting with Coran saying:


~Ah, the wild flowers... The sight that always puts me to dreaming of beautiful maidens' eyes.~


~Chivalrous paladin, doesn't your honor impose on you to tell the truth on every occasion?~


~Keeping vigil, Helmite?~


Then, the first time you go to sleep, the master of Challenges should show up, providing that both romances are still non-commital. :)


Hope that helps!

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Thank you! I finally got to see the "challenge" last night. :D


*Applauds* That was absolutely entertaining! :) (I will be starting a new game for the Coran romance soon)


I have the BG 2 version of Xan's romance as well. But, I will be playing Xan's romance (both for BG1 and BG2 later -- just in case Kulyok adds more stuff to it *wishes for a happier ending* :D )


It would be interesting to get Coran back in BG2 as well. But, I think that would be really tricky since you don't get to meet him until very late in the game.


---And I definitely look forward to the Ajantis mod for BG2. :D

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It would be interesting to get Coran back in BG2 as well. But, I think that would be really tricky since you don't get to meet him until very late in the game.


Like Jastey said, thank you for your kind words. :)


Actually, nope, with G3 Tweak you can pick Coran up early enough in the game - it opens the Tethyrian maps early on. So anyone who is interested in working on Coran or Safana should not think it as a big challenge; neither it is challenging to save both Coran and Safana from the obligatory death.


Even if it is not done, in, say, Safana's case, I always thought it could have been cool to make her appear earlier in the game, leave the party and be re-encountered as a "helpless" victim a short time later and re-cast Bodhi's abduction-ressurection with the other villains, instead of Bodhi if she was romanced.


On the up side, both Coran and Safana are lovely unusual characters, especially Coran. I don't think that there are truly any lighthearted, joy of life male characters out there. On the down side, there are a ton and a half thieves in making and half-done (Fade, Amber, Mansur, Valen, SilverStar, and I am sure plenty of others that I missed). And, to be honest, to me personally it already feels that making an NPC for BG2 is a bit like working in an assembly line.


Anyways, just rambling. Have fun!

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