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Problem with Minsc


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I recently started another Tutu game to try out the Dynaheir romance. The readme said there was an interesting conflict if you had Edwin in your party, so I tried to have him join up. Minsc, however, was understandably not amused and forced me to choose between them. (That sort of thing never happened before the NPC project. Made things easier... and boring.) Well, much as I like the red wizard he was booted out this time and on we went to the Gnoll Fortress.


Problem is, he now repeats his threat (something like: "you must not kill sweet Dynaheir, I will not allow it.") every once in a while. For example, when attempting to rest. Or sometimes at random. Even though Dynaheir has by now been rescued and is alive and well and in the party. Minsc also has lost his normal conversation options when I try to initiate a dialogue with him... instead, the threat once again pops up.


So, two questions.

1: is this truly bad, or merely an annoyance? I.E., does this take the place of his ordinary banters?

2: is there a way around this? Any variable influencing this talk?

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yes, it seems to take place of his ordinary banters. The global did not get re-set. I will try to get to my BG1 machine sometime tomorrow (I am sorry, guys, I know it's annoying, but we have er... network reorganization that never ends) and let you know which Global to shut down. I am putting it on the list of things to fix. If you want both Dyna and Edwin, I think the only way now is to take Edwin in the party *after* you picked Dyna up. And yep, Edwin's conflict is pretty funny, though it is well-advised to save before entering the Mermaid.

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Guest Feanna

hi there!


first of all this mod is really great. can't imagine to play without it anymore. :down:


but to get back to the topic, I'm having a similar problem but with edwin. before going to the gnoll stronghold I can initiate dialogue with him like with everyone else. but after encountering the ogres(?) at the end of the bridge in the stronghold I only get his interjection for those two ogres (the one, where he mocks them for their counting skills) when talking to him.


and if my reputation is too high (i.e. at least 13) and I try to initiate dialogue he assumes I've kicked him out of the party and leaves for good. very annoying if you klick on him by accident. btw, this happened with imoen, too, in my very first game with bg1npc (only with low reputation) but afterwards never again. with edwin it's always the case.


I've another question for the edwin-minsc-dynaheir party. is it possible, that you have to get them in a certain order, i.e. first dynaheir, then edwin and finally minsc? because once I've agreed to help either edwin or minsc the other one won't show up anymore when I get back to nashkell. I know this was not the case in original bg1.


thanks and keep up the good work.



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Cheers, and thank you. The Hairtooth will be:


"X#EdwinHairtooth","GLOBAL" needs to be set to 2


With the other ones I will need to work on it.


The first one is obviously old BioWARE stuff that did not get counted in when we were handling their files - we fixed those with True() triggers, but yes, the reputation ones will be conflicting with the player-initiated dialogues, because it will be the only condition on them. We will need to introduce extra Globals to negate them and the script that will trigger them properly.


The second one - I don't remeber that happening in my test runs, but it might be the case of a BioWARE's script sporadically starting to work under TUTU, since I know for a certainty that at least Khalid and Jaheira were supposed to leave FAI after you've done Nashkel without them. I will review the files and make sure that we disable this, because it would be a great pity to lose the Minsc-Dynaheir-Edwin content. Perhaps, for now you can summon one of them via CLUA?

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Guest feanna
Khalid and Jaheira were supposed to leave FAI after you've done Nashkel without them.


now, that's funny. khalid and jaheira never leave the inn if I don't take them along. I hope this is no problem with my install (I've already installed everything a second time) :down:

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Guest feanna

good to know it's not my install.


The Hairtooth will be:


"X#EdwinHairtooth","GLOBAL" needs to be set to 2


thanks, finally eddi is as talkative as he should be :down:

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