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PPG: WeiDU v190 released.

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WeiDU v190 "settling into routine" is available.




Forum (well doh)


List of changes:

  * Removed some left-over extra debug info.

  * Added some debug info for MKDIR to help find out Horred the Plague's problem.

  * Failing mod flags will lead to uninstallation, except for the tricky 'can become false'


  * ACTION_IF ~%bar%~ THEN BEGIN AT_*UNINSTALL ~do_something~ END works. Other types of

    loops (EG INNER_ACTION, OUTER_FOR) do not.

    Keep in mind that variables need to have been declared (EG, stick to WEIDU_OS &C.).

  * UNINSTALL ~%myvar%.tp2~ 3 + 5 - "%somevar%" works.

  * APPEND_FILE_EVALUATE will evaluate %variables% in the file to be appended.

  * --traify-comment will leave /* @1 = ~xyz~ */ comments in the source file.

  * --args, --args-rest foo bar will set %argv0% to foo and %argv1% to bar. See readme.

  * Can now uninstall STRING_SET even if the UNSETSTR.xxx file is > Sys.max_string_lenght.

  * Can now uninstall the mod even if UNINSTALL.xxx is > Sys.max_string_lenght.

  * VARIABLE_IS_SET will allow to detect at install-time if a certain variable is set or not

    (currently there's no way to tell if it can be used as an integer or not).

  * MAKE_BIFF name_of_biff BEGIN list_of_files END added. It features automatic safe backup and

    reloading of the key file. list_of_files is in a non-trivial format, see the readme.

    (incidentally, it's the same format as the non-documented ACTION_BASH_FOR / PATCH_BASH_FOR).

  * Added D:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA to the list of directories that are searched for

    the chitin.key file.

  * STRING_SET_EVALUATE patch_exp new_string added.

  * IDS_OF_SYMBOL (~ids_file~ ~SYMBOL~) patch expression added. Returns -1 if SYMBOL is not in ids_file,

    fails the installation if ids_file is missing altogether.

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