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Congratulations Domi!

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Yup, congrats, Domi!


I have a question about the Sword Angel kit from Refinements. Do you remember you said you'd allow the Sword Angel to get the happy Deheriana ending?


I couldn't find any mention of the Sword Angel in the readme, so don't know whether you've done this or not. If you have, perhaps you could update the readme to reflect this, and also mention that your mod should be installed after Refinements.

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Oooh, okay. No big deal, but is it still planned for a future version? Is it a lot of work?


I can't really tell. I have to say that the only time I thought about it was that I felt that PC that unusual deserves a different talk than the healer-class, and after that I never returned to the idea. I will be leaving pretty soon for a long vacation, and I don't want to promise anything modding related till I am back and actually able to work on my new stuff. Plus I never know just what I am going to bring back writing-wise whenever I go away. :down: I have three mods on my drawing board right now, and only one is gonna win!


And thanks again for all good words, guys!

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