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Kivan, Deheriana and... Viconia?

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Just read NiGHTMARE's post over at SHS and decided that this is the most appropriate place to ask.


Many of the banters from this mod are now a part of the Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 mod. The remaining banters (notably the "dark Kivan" path), interjections, quests and optional "Tracker" kit will either be added in a future version of that mod, or in the Lands of Intrigue mod (which Kivan & Deheriana will eventually be a part of).


Does this mean that Domi's Kivan is no longer Domi's alone, and will later be modded accordingly, possibly with Kivan-Viconia relationship, or Kivan's corruption?

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Anything to do with Kivan and Deheriana - whether it be the standalone version or in LoI - will still be subject to Domi's approval, and I'm expecting much of what was planned for Kivan BG2 to change at least subtly, if not significantly.


There hasn't been much done on "dark Kivan" / Kivan's corruption yet, as the vast majority of it is ToB material. I'm hoping to craft it in a way that's still compatible with Domi's vision of Kivan, e.g. perhaps still allowing him to be redeemed; it must be pointed out that he "only" falls to CN, rather than becoming evil.


Whether Domi will allow me to add either of the ultimate SoA Kivan/Viconia culminations (i.e. friendship or seduction) I'm not sure. Of course, the added possibility of Deheriana's resurrection will greatly complicate things; it'll probably require at least a dozen extra Kivan/Viconia banters :down:. I must confess I've yet to read Domi's Deheriana/Viconia banters, so I'm not 100% sure how it'll all play out.


Most of the other material I had in the pipeline, e.g. two quests and more interjections, seem to fit in perfectly with Kivan of Shilmista... though again I may have to come up with alternate versions of certain dialogue in the event Deheriana has been resurrected.

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Thank you, I understand much better now.


One more question: once "Lands of Intrigue" project is released(beta, or full release), how Kivan and Deheriana will interact with it technically? Will Kivan and Deheriana become a part of "Lands of Intrigue", like it is done in "Tortured Souls", or will there be a separate component (LoI detecting on K&D, or vice versa)?

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I think that Kivan's corruption by Viconia will fit in if Kivan took Tazok's heart, and PC did not show his support in this cycle of talks. I would of course ask Nightmare to have PC in full control of the corruption path and have the ability to squash it at any time via PID in order to be able to save both romance and Deheriana's ressurection. Because, of course, Kivan's corruption will preclude both PC's romance and Deheriana's ressurection. I am against Viconia seducing Kivan, because it opens the "why can't PC do the same?" question, and I don't want the corrupting romance with a PC, as I don't see it as viable.


As most of Kivan-Viconia dialogues that were not purely confrontational went into ToB, I think that Kivan-Viconia coming to terms with each other will have to be handled there, if Kivan did not become corrupted, and I think, also conditional to Viconia's change of alignment to proceed to any kind of friendliness.

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