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I can't afford to be more specific lest it drive me mad.


Immunity to spell level: seems mostly dependent on power; innates mostly safe, but not entirely if target not caster/self

Immunity to spell school: absolute; innates not safe if school set and target not caster/self

Immunity to spell type: absolute; innates not safe if secondary type set and target not caster/self


So, Spell Shield provides absolute immunity to some dragon breath weapons, psionic project force, etc. (even the drow transformation if cast by someone else). Since they don't have remove protections effects, doesn't even remove the shield.


Spell Immunity can cause a great number of spells (even special effect spells) to simply fail.


Iron Skins should be type 7.

Shocking Grasp should be type 12.

Magic Resistance should be type 2.


High level cleric and mage spells should be 0/0.

High level abilities should be 0/0.


I have begun the process of running through the spells locally, and investigating the behaviors in-game, but I probably won't document much of it. Suckage is high and patience is low, sorry.

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I checked most everything that wasn't SPIN. I gave up with the SPIN spells; too many.


Luckily, it's a one-in-a-million chance that anybody is going to have their spell shield block dragon breath spells.

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