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Bill Bisco

Thoughts on Mur'Neth

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DL'd the latest version and am playing with our favorite ooze again. I still wish he could be hasted. He's awesome in ooze form but even with haste cast on him he moves at his normal slow speed.


I found it interestnig that he was still able to detect/disarm traps while in ooze form.


Had a problem with him, especially in the Iron Throne mine - ooze form occasionally didn't allow him to fit through normal entrances.

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Haste: I remember looking at that, and am not sure what the issue is. Does he not move fast in humanoid form? The haste apparantly not working could be tied to the animation.


And yeah, I deliberately didn't stop him using skills while in ooze form (since it's his natural form, and he could probably manipulate objects simply enough with pseudopods).


The door issue would again be due to the animation, and something that can't really be changed. I'm glad you are enjoying him!

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He's fast in humonoid form while hasted. But I wish the effect would carry over when he shapeshifts as he lags behind the party and brings up the rear. He's very effective when dealing with ettercaps and spiders in ooze form.

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Yeah, I guess that's probably because of his animation. He might move faster than when he's not hasted, just still comparatively slow (because that's how fast oozes move). Or perhaps the Haste effect won't affect that animation.

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