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Change Armor When Wearing...Component


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G3 Tweaks v17


The Change Armor When Wearing Robes or Leather Armor Component (Change Armor) of G3 Tweaks creates a unique problem with Monks if you have the Universal Lesser Mage Robes Component (Universal Mage Robes) from Refinements installed.


Change Armor works as advertised, my Monks avatar changed to that of a mage. All well and dandy it seems. But, apparently a Mage avatar can only punch.


I guess it is kind of hard to kick when you are draped in flowing robes :devil: Of course, Grand Master Yucandoit seems to carry it off well in all the martial arts movies that I've seen. But we all know that movie appearing Grand Masters are held to a higher standard :down:


This leads us to the Avatar Morphing Script that is part of G3 Tweaks.


I thought I would be able to use that to morph back into a monk, but it gives me a Text Box message that says something to the effect of "Monks cannot morph."


Ugh. Guess one of the components has to go, unless there is some sort of workaround?




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I think the best workaround would be to add an immunity to the avatar changing spells for monks. We could simply attach it to spcl812, which monks get at level 1.


Cool. Wait, will that effect the change to drow form in the Underdark?

Nope, it's a specific immunity to the spells used by the component. I've posted code to do this on the wiki. :down:

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