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Kelsey and many mods move, please update bookmarks


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A number of BG2 mods have moved their base of operations from Forgotten Wars to the Pocket Plane Group (PPG.) The One-Day NPC project and the Iron Modder competitions are moving as well. Please update your bookmarks and any mod lists you maintain to visit http://www.pocketplane.net and http://forums.pocketplane.net for all of these productions:


Kelsey NPC

Ashes of Embers

Banter Packs


NPC Flirt Packs


Improved Oasis 2

One-Day NPCs Alassa, Ghareth, and Hessa

Getting Rid of Anomen

Cloakwood Squares

TISpack (modding tool)


and these works in progress:


Cailean NPC

de'Arnise Romance

Surayah NPC



And yes, the home page will be better before long.

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