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Store Tutorial


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There's some stuff on ADD_STORE_ITEM in the WeiDU ReadMe if you want to add stuff to existing stores...


If you want to make your own then I'm not sure since I haven't done much of it. But if you look at Song and Silence's .tp2 there's a component adding a new store (which I did with an empty store and ADD_STORE_ITEM commands, actually).

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If you want to change stuff to an existing store, read the ADD_STORE_ITEM in the weidu readme as Andyr said.


If you want to create your own, new store - you will find that it is rather easy too.

If you export an existing store from the game - using NI or DLTCEP, than open it with NI or DLTCEP - you will notice everything is rather self-evident. I am sure you will find out how to add and delete stuff to it in no time. After that just save it as MyStore.STO or something.


To use it in game the only thing you need to do is add a DO ~StartStore("MyStore",LastTalkedToBy())~ somewhere in one of your dialogues and it should work.

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