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might have found a couple bugs

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might be a spoiler in here


















hi im not shure but in tob in mateos imminent execution quest i ran into a bit of a problem once i killed kiser and rescued the countess's son kivan jumps in and says he deserves death and then disapears im still not exactly shure were he goes i cant leave the basment without him and hes no were in the basment but i think he he ends up were ever the countess son is soposed to be because you can talk to the countess son a second time before he disaperes and get a second round of xp for the quest. after reloading it several times i found a work around i have im use time stop then talk to the countess son and kivan dosent say anything and is still there after the convo and can contuniue on.




second thing i found isetn exactly a bug when arie and kivan are talking about age after aries line they mistake me for a baby as well i get no valid reply as the only option.

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I found a somewhat major bug. I faced off against Nyalee, the druid in the Forest of Mir temple, at the very end Deheriana interjected and then turned hostile, while Nyalee stayed neutral. Do you know of any quick fixes for that, 'cause I really want to continue the story?


And if it helps, I chose Diviner.

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