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Hello. I've made a few new kit's and ideas for that mod. :down:


1. Rebalanced Skald


If I good remember, PnP Skald got a penalty to spellcasting - gains spell level one level later than normal Bard.


He's got so powerfull song, bonus to fighting abilities, and only penalty to pickpocketing! Can you edit him, and take him off spellcasting abilities?


2. Rebalanced Blade


Hmm... In PnP his Defensive Spin grant's him only +1 to AC per 2 levels...


Also you can give him a specialisation in swords. He's Blade, right?


3. Improved Assasin


He should got a minor immunity to poison. What do you think about +2 to saves vs. poison/death/paralyse and +10% +1% per level resistance to poison?



3. Connection with APack


Hmmm... APack got's many VERY GOOD idea's in his Rogue Rebalance. Bounty Hunter Poison and Blade Weapon's Display.


Why player's must install TWO mods, when it possible connect them? (ask Avenger)


Song & Silence should be a compedium of thief additions. Also you can take Geblard Blucher Imp. Thief Stronghold...



4. Charlatan kit


It's one of the greatest kit which I ever seen! But can you give him that ability?



Weapon hide.


Grants him 2 round invisibility and 2x backstab. But it haven't got normal invisibility animation (blurred character). It's special bard ability which is based on his actor abilities. He's looking for enemies like a normal people.


That ability doesn't work on enemies which got more than 16 wisdom or natural detection abilities.



5. Troubadour kit


I've writed it good? Troubadour is a connection of Bard and Knight. He's fitghing with honour, and sing about great heros etc.


TROUBADOUR: Description...


Troubadour can be only lawful.



- Can achieve 2 points on swords, sword & shield style

- Gains +1 to all saving throws

- Once per day can cast 'Armor of honour', which works similar to 'Armor of faith' spell, but got duration 1 round/level

- Once per day per 6 levels can cast 'Fear break' (or something like that), which give to party: immunity to fear, bonus +1 to thaco and saving throws for 2 rounds

- Troubadour song:

1 level: +1 to thaco, morale

10 level: +2 to thaco, AC, morale, additional attack per round

15 level: +2 to thaco, AC, additional attack per round, immunity to fear



- Penalty -2 to thaco with missle weapons

- Only 1/2 lore stat

- Only 1/4 pickpocketing stat


Hmm... any opinions?

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A Troubador would be a pretty good kit to have and the abilities you've given there are quite powerful, but not too over the top (Mind you, that song gets pretty nasty higher up). To help balance that out though, perhaps it might be a good idea to forbid the Troubador missile weapons of any kind, since they're emulating the tales they weave.

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