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Stuck Kivan Dialog

Guest Mka

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Hi! Thanks for making such a great mod!


I'm romancing Kivan, and out of the Underdark (in fact, I've killed Bodhi, and am just finishing a few last quests before heading to the end game). Sometime during this, I rested, and got the dialog of the fire-blanket. When I woke up, I got the 'Kivan looks at your fingers weaved together...' dialog, with only an option to hit 'end', which is fine. Only, he seems to be stuck on it.


When I force talk to him, he has that instead of the flirts. When I wake up from resting, he has that instead of... whatever. When Ralis + Haer-Delis' got taken, Kivan commented to me with that line. Is their someway I can get him back to normal? I'd ignore it, but I'm afraid it would still be stuck when I headed in to ToB.


(On another note, there may be a bug with Valygar- it might be another mod, but Kivan was the only mod NPC in my party. When I went to Valygar's cabin, I chose a somewhat antagonistic response (the first choice?), Valygar commented back, and then I got 'no valid replies' and it froze up. Valygar wouldn't talk, and I ended up having to force-kill him. Poor Valygar.)


Thanks again!

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