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Expansion of This Mod, The Future, and a Question

Bill Bisco

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Well, I have to say that I like this mod and have played through it. I know that there has been a little bit of a desire in people to see BG1 NPCs able to be played throughout the whole of the game from the beginning to the end, and I think that this is good too.


I have noticed that 2 NPCs so far have been converted. I am wondering if anyone else is in the process of trying to Convert any more NPCs to BG2. I must say that I have been very inspired by this.


A few NPCs that have caught my eye that I would really like to see converted would be Quayle, Monaron and Xzar, and Tiax. (Perhaps even Garrick in the future)


I guess I need to ask if anyone is planning on making a BG2 mod for any of these PCs. If so, would they consider allowing me to help? If not, can I have the BG1 NPC Project's Prospective authors' permission to try to convert it. Right now, the mod that I would be interested in doing is one for Quayle. I am not saying that I would do this on my own. I will need some help with coding and whatnot, and I believe that it is always important to have a fresh pair of eyes look at one's dialogue. I would accept all help and suggestions ;)


I am also thinking that perhaps the authors of These converted BG2 NPC Mods could maybe work together a bit and have a couple of banters with each other in addition to th e regular BG2 NPCs. Perhaps one day, all of these mods could be packaged together into the Baldur's Gate Trilogy NPC Project or Something Similar. It would seem pretty cool to me.


Anywho, what are you people's thoughts? Any takers? Suggestions? (You don't have to invite me on or give me permission if you don't want to ;) )

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I am not quite sure what you mean. You are going to produce a Quayle NPC mod for BG2, and you need help with coding, correct? Then perhaps your request belongs in General Mod Discussion forum?


It might be just my opinion, but I do not see how you need permission to create an expansion mod for a Bioware NPC. I mean, I didn't ask Thanatos' permission, or Sphira's permission, or Domi's permission to write for Xan.


(I did try to ask Interplay's permission, but it was more like a polite gesture than anything.)


Anyway, good luck to you, if you are serious about it.

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What Kulyok said. If you want to have the particular writer working with you on the dialogues, then


Tiax was mostly written by Turkish Delight who dissappeared,; Andy is a current Guardian, but iirc he did not add much content to the character

Quayle and Garrick are written by Andyr

Xzar and Montaron are written by Hendryk


The characters that are worked on by the memebers of the BG1NPC project for BG2 are as far as I know: Xan and Kivan (released), Ajantis (by Jastey), and some things were done for Eldoth (Hendryk and Andyr).


On the side note, I caution you against making too many NPCs at a time. It is not easy to produce enough quality content for a BG2 NPC, and it really takes a lot of time, even if you don't do a romance track. Extensive friendship and player-initiated conversations are definetly very good to have. Chose one, and good luck to you. If I were you, I would pick Tiax, because Quayle while a very nice character duplicates Aerie in his class. ;)


As for cross-mod content, the Cross-Mod Banter pack hosted here provides this option.

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Well, I think that asking permission is just a polite thing to do :D It would seem counter-productive to me to see 2 Kivan mods, 2 Quayle mods, 2 Tiax Mods, ect. If someone were already planning a Quayle mod, then I would not want to interfere and would only seek to help if I was needed.


I am all for Compatibility and Cooperation. I think that this just makes a better experience for everyone ;) Also, I think that a person who has written material for an NPC before probably has a few good ideas. I would want compatibilty and consistency with the content already published. And, if I needed some help in maintaining the compatibility and consistency of the character, then I think that If I treated the person well, then that person would be more likely to help (because everyone likes to be acknowledged and treated well ;) )


You are right Domi. Too many NPCs at once means less content. (1 is hard enough!). Tiax is really nice and I would really want to see him made. Quayle is my first choice since it will be a little harder. Quayle has all the different dialogue depending on whether Aerie is dead or not. He also deals with the Raelis business.


But, I think that it'll be fun too. I'll get to explore a former obnoxious jerk turned father. And, it'll be fun to see what happens when you try to Romance a Girl with her Father in the Party :D


Ah, you're right about the crossmod banter pack. But, it also seems kind of weird to have to do that for NPCs that already have had banters with each other. I guess it may be harder for those that weren't by BG1 NPC Project People.


Anyway, good luck to you, if you are serious about it.


Thank you

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For Tiax, for simplicity's sake, you could just make him a half-SoA-ToB NPC, allowing him to be picked up at Spellhold. If you made him available at the start of SoA, it would mean you'd have to alter the Spellhold stuff- and besides, for a first NPC project its probably easier :-)

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I wouldn't do it another way ;) . When/If Tiax is/would be made. I would definitely just make it so that he didn't die in Spellhold. And, you would pick him up from that point. And, you would be given the option to summon him in ToB if you wanted of course. Tiax would be a lot of fun though. I actually already have a few ideas, hehehehehe. On the other hand, I do want to stick to something. I don't like being wishy-washy and switching and giving up too much. But, I will think about Tiax (Cause he rocks!)


Besides, I just wrote 2 dialogues with Quayle today ;)

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I'd have loved to add Tiax and Quayle back, but I never got round to it! Unfortunately my coding time is pretty light at the moment (as people may have guessed by the lack of mods released in the last 6 months or so) but I'd be more than happy to comment on any dialogues people have written.


To clarify Domi's post, I wrote Garrick and Quayle's content and took over Viconia and Tiax at a later stage (adding interjections, but the banters had by this point largely been written).


I did at one point brainstorm Tiax ideas. I thought about stopping the instant-death of the inmates at Spellhold, and you'd have to deal with the survivors in some way. So Tiax you might be able to recruit, for example, or just leave him there. Dradeel might Dimension Door away. Then I'd thought you could perhaps get a Journal entry suggesting talking to the Temple of Ilmater, who could agree to take them into care or something.

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Hehe, yes, I most definitely did notice many of the Viconia Interjections including the famous one she always likes to spout "I am Drow." Pretty fun.


Anywho, Andyr has given me permission to work on Quayle. So, I will continue doing that When I get done with a few dialogues, I'll send them over to him to see what he thinks. It is kind of busy being a student so hopefully I may be able to do a lot more work during the summer. It may even be possible to finish by July.


Thank you All ;)

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